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Quality of Life Issues

Quality of Life Issues for the Senior Population

The SENIOR POPULATION and their families often need to make a decision as to whether treating their oral problems is worth it. These problems may result from :
  • Dry mouth leading to decay
  • Falls and broken teeth
  • Periodontal disease and loosening of teeth
  • The rapid increase in severe decay due to medications in the later years of this population
  • Teeth age and become chipped, worn and discolored as we age – this can be Improved


Case 1:

97 year old patient convincing Dr. Langer to giver her implants and explaining why she WANTS and NEEDS them.


Same patient now 100 years old and very happy that she got her implants and has enjoyed eating carefree for the last 3 years.


Case 2:

Patient out to diner - Born 1918. No fluoride as a child. Got decay later in life. Now 100 years old and says "I'm grateful for my implants every day."











Case 3:


FALLS are a serious problem for the senior population.

This 79 year old patient fell on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. She cut her lip, and broke 4 front teeth!


The roots were able to be saved by a crown lengthening procedure and new crowns replaced the broken ones. 

Case 4:



84 year old lady who wants to look better for her grandchildren. As she aged, her best-looking teeth were the implants which had been placed in 1997 and 2004. At 84 years old she decided to get implants and new crowns to improve her appearance. 

Case 5:




Now at 89 years old, he has enjoyed his new strong teeth for 5.5 years. "Walking has become impossible, but eating is GREAT!"

84 year old male on Coumadin and many other medications to prevent strokes, he kept breaking his lower denture and even his own teeth that held the partial denture. He has great difficulty eating. 


A digital CT scan helps us determine whether the patient has enough bone remiaing for dental implants and helps us plan the correct positions for placing the 3 dental implants.  





Case 6:


At 60 years old.

Attractive woman whose smile has aged and makes her look older. 

At 70 years old.

10 years later at 70 years old her teeth are even less attractive. The bonding is breaking down and is discolored. 


At 71 years old.

New crowns and implants lift her spirits.


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